GenCare Solutions develop and manage numerous workforce solutions for our clients.

Below are some of the areas we specialize in:

Workforce Solutions

  • Employment Law-Related Challenges

    Employment law is a specialized field that requires extensive knowledge and expertise.  Local, state and federal laws differ, so you need someone versed in the requirements that affect your business.  GenCare Solutions can connect you to the right employment law resources you need to address specific challenges facing your business.

  • Rapid Response/Change Management

    Healthcare organizations that have qualified, properly functioning Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) can significantly reduce their mortality rates. Yet, many are reluctant to incorporate RRTs, primarily because they do not have a qualified team to oversee implementation. GenCare Solutions can help you design and develop a rapid response/change management plan to improve outcomes and take your services to the next level.

  • Specialized Testing

    We work with you to identify, develop and implement specialized testing for potential job candidates and existing employees. The GenCare Solutions team has extensive experience in this area and we can design a specialized testing plan to help your organization meet its goals.

  • Recruiting, Integration and Retention of Military Professionals

    Military personnel (veterans, retired, reservists) are often highly sought after commodities in workplaces, especially those that require discipline and attention to detail.  While military/ex-military have much to offer, integration into the civilian workforce can sometimes be difficult. GenCare Solutions helps you recruit qualified military/ex-military for positions within your company.  We then work with you to help them integrate into your workplace, with the goal of being retained as long term employees.

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